8 Original DIY Head Accessories

 Your bad hair days are over!

Your hair is your best accessory but on the bad hair day you’ll be happy to have one of this fancy hair accessories to lighten up your mood. From beanie to snap clip this collection of DIY projects has something for every type of hair.


DIY Wooden Bead Keychains

DIY wooden bead keychains via www.fashionrolla.com

Socks for X-mas were yesterday

3 weeks until Christmas. If you are a good planner then you already have all the presents for your loved ones. But what about all the other great people who make your life easier every day. Your colleagues, your babysitter or your neighbour, who waters your plants every time you are on vacation.  Nothing says better “Thank you” than a lovely handmade gift. This tutorial shows you 3 ways how to make small keychain made of natural materials like wood and leather. Everything under 10 €.

SAMLA Box Upgrade

When plastic meets leather

I was looking for practical storage boxes for my home atelier and the stackable SAMLA boxes from IKEA were perfect for my needs. The Swedish retailer is famous for creating effective storage systems but even the smart SAMLA boxes need some improvement. There were 3 things that bothered me in design: the loose lids, the lack of label holder and the basic look. This fast and easy transformation makes the box more suitable in a creative working space, more unique and simply nicer to look at.